Saturday, June 20, 2009

Human-faced fish, 이물고기 엄청 보고싶어요.

Well, this is pretty interesting.

One of two 19-year-old fish with human-like facial features in Chongju, about 140 km (88 miles) south of Seoul on January 10, 2005. The hybrid species fish were born between a carp and a leather carp in the pond of a personal house in Chongju. Each of the two female fish is 80 cm (32 inches) long and 50 cm (20 inches) in circumference. The owner of the fish said on Monday that their faces have begun to look more and more human over the last couple of years.

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sg said...

that is so totally creepy awesome. that big mouth at the end all slow and slivery grey. water human.