Tuesday, June 2, 2009

one shot one kill

Korean T-shirt with English text of which it is most likely the wearer does not understand for the day: In Seoul I saw this short middle-aged woman walking with her husband and family wearing a baby blue oversize tee with bold rainbow colored block letters that said

Also: This is a sign for a restaurant in Hongdae. For those of you who are tired of the real thing, or just for some reason like two degrees of imitation better, here's an "American style Japanesse Resturant" in Korea.

Futhermore, This morning at school I had to sit for 20 minutes with no shoes, only socks. Apparently, someone stole my slippers. This is a little bit of a tragedy, since I had to go all the way to Emart to purchase them, and they don't often even have slippers of my size there. I felt lucky to find those ones. You can't wear shoes in school, you have to change into slippers of some sort, it doesn't matter what kind (in winter, kids wear huge puffy stuffed animal and rabbit and wolf and sponge bob and hello kitty ones). At first I thought this was at least partly to keep the wood floors nice, but they don't care if you wear the slippers while walking around on dirt outside and come back in. So this makes it seem like it's simply the traditional act of changing footwear that they care about and enforce. Although, as this is a formal academic institution, walking around without slippers and only socks is not cool either. They'll offer me some guest slippers that are insanely too small, and when I tell them it's much more comfortable to just wear socks than have the back third of my feet hanging off the slippers, they'll just keep coming back in displaying generously with their hands different pairs that are all also WAY too small, until I finally cave and say I'll wear one of them just so they stop. So I found my old pair that are comfy, but held together by a thread. So when these ones go, if Emart doesn't have my size, it's gonna be sock time, and that's all there is to it.

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