Friday, May 22, 2009



When I listen to this music I feel like nothing can be that wrong as long as this music continues to exist.

When I think about this type of music being played during funerals in Congo, sometimes lasting more than 4 days, I only wish I could have a funeral this incredible.

When I hear this song at three minutes and twelve seconds into it, I am so into it. I think this is one of the best middle of the song change ups I've heard in recent memory.

When I read some of the back story behind the Congotronics albums, I am blown away.

Some musicians from the Congo countryside came to the city and the city noises around them were too loud for their traditional music to be heard properly. So they used what was around them to enhance their sound. What was around them were car parts and other such leftovers from the Belgium colonization. They amplified their music, but DIY, so it sounds very experimental, because it is.

I've been thinking about L.A. a lot recently, but specifically what my life would be like now if I had stayed. I've been thinking about the art shows I may have participated in and what type of art I would be making there. Sometimes I think it was a mistake for me to leave, since I spent so much time and money to finish art school and I'm not really around any artists here. But other times I am really glad I have the challenge to live this way, as a person living a life first and an artist making art second. When I listen to this music, all the pressures of loans and careers dissipate and I realize how simple and lucid the act of making something and sharing it should be:

1. Work with only what is directly in front of you.
2. Don't complicate it with "isms" or concepts that you didn't invent yourself.
3. Get things out of your head through any material that makes the ideas flow the best.

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