Thursday, May 14, 2009


Man, this song is so very very dope. Been listening to it on the bus lately while hopping around the country. Amped and electified thumb pianos? Are they serious? Genius. And the distortions and those harmonics created by the amplification blending into each other to create further polyrhythms. I'm glad they called that song paradiso.

So perhaps the sudden advent of spring sweeping across the landscape here is the main catalyst for the revival of this blog. In any case, it is so green, and becoming so lush, and flowers are coating the ground all the way up Taebaek mountain to its summit. There's just so much that was not there before that is there now. And the transition was also so fast and mind blowing. I feel very privaleged to live here and look out my window every morning at the green mountains. Taebaek rests in a narrow valley, the mountains are never out of sight. Living in LA, it's so easy to take the green for granted. It's so easy to forget about things like foliage and leaves when they're mostly there all year. Just like in most other aspects of life, temporary absences bring so much more attention and focus. When something has returned that was away, the wake of it's absence creates so much more impact.

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