Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday & Sunday

I am now officially lost in African music. It was a slippery slope and I have a long way to crawl out before I'm finished, I'm sure.

On Saturday I took a train up the coast with friends to Donghae. We walked across a good part of the small city, from the inter-city bus terminal to the beach, through downtown and up to the odd Russian area near the train station where we went to a Russian karaoke restaurant called Texas to eat. Luckily there was not karaoke transpiring. The food was excellent there, minus the blood sausage which wasn't worth writing home about, even though technically I'm writing home about it. I had a bowl of borscht for the first time with sour cream. My friend Andrew and his sister ordered meat and potatoes, and they weren't kidding, it was just a very generous serving of pork and mashed potatoes, no vegetables, and by that I mean not even a parsley flake to be found anywhere near the plate. The Russians definitely know how to eat.

While we were at the Russian joint, these Russian ladies were laid out on the couch watching a DVD of Eurovision 2009. Greece was so hilarious I had to attach the youtube for it below. You really have to see it to believe that there are people doing things you would never even imagine in places around the globe who actually have international followings. This is just one of those cases of someone going way, way, way too far. Enjoy, and remember: this guy is serious.

This video reminded me of this gem of the 80's that Korea, of all places, introduced me to: Modern Talking, the German band that some might say time should have forgotten long ago but instead is still going strong in obscure music video request bars named River Phoenix down narrow bar stacked and neon laden alleys in Shinchon, South Korea. But for maybe the same insane and inexplicable reasons that made the dude above famous, Modern Talking has a seemingly strong international following. So here they are. Head to head. Like a bunch of raving keytar playing and open chested megalomaniacs from across the span of almost three decades: Sakis Rouvas VS. Modern Talking. Who would claim victory in this epic clash of bands we can unfortunately only speculate, be cause if they did actually play together everything human and decent might actually implode in one violent convulsion.

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