Sunday, November 16, 2008

so I was listening to Grant Green's Idle Moments again, because it happened to come on my Ipod's shuffle, and it occured to me how long it's been since I updated this blog. So I'm gonna try to start adding to it every day or every other day from now on, and it will most likely end up being more writing than anything because I can't seem to block out enough time to sit down and regularly update my photos.

It's not even winter in Taebaek yet, but it is colder than it ever gets in LA, and I can feel the temperature sloping downward for what I'm sure will be a pretty brutal decline. Every morning I can see the frost coating the landscape, crystalizing the moisture in the air, ice and steam like the beginning of some chemistry experiment. And every morning the frozen dew seems to stick longer and longer.

This weekend I spent a lot of time in bed to make up for all the constant travelling and activities that have filled my weekends for the last few months. I made an American breakfast with Lindsey this sunday morning and it was phenomenal...first home-cooked American breakfast since I've been in Korea, I guess that means the breakfast was nine months in the making, just like a baby child.

My co-teacher told me the other day that he envied me because I "stand for freedom." That's pretty cool I guess.

On Friday night Lindsey, myself and two other English teachers ate dinner at this Chinese restaurant behind Hwangi Pond, it emits a red glow, and this delivery guy in his helmet sits outside by his scooter. He usually buses the table in his helmet as well, and this time of year: his ski mask. Makes for an interesting time, and the owner/manager lady always puts her hands above her head in a circle to say a very formal hello, but she has a tattoo between her thumb and forefinger of one of her hands that looks like she's either done some prison time or was involved in the Korean mafia. I'd love to know her story, because she always appears so full of life. This time she kissed my hand before I left, in thanks for bringing in so many people to her little establishment. It's my new favorite chinese restaurant, we always get Ja Jja myun (black bean noodles) and sweet and sour pork.

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sg said...

yipeee you are writing on your blog!
black bean noodles sound great but not as great as you being back in town soooooo sooooooon!

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