Tuesday, February 9, 2010

inna single instant

inna single instant mix:

part 1
part 2

This one is a real treat, I think. It starts out with blind blues singer Paul Pena who won a throat singing contest in Tuva at one point in his life (check out one of my all time favorite documentaries Genghis Blues). Then there's some Malay pop and Thai pop and K-pop, French new wave, Korean disco, guitar music from the western Sahara, Congolese gospel funk, some New Orleans funky R&B, Bollywood steel guitar, a Joy Division cover in bossa nova style, some newer electronic cuts along the way, and of course a brief dose of blow-your-mind-apart Brazilian mellow earthy psychedelic rock, not to mention Thomas Mapfumo "The Lion of Zimbabwe", got him on there too.

Been really feeling the new Four Tet album. It really takes me back to some of his stuff with Fridge, kind of like a way more mature and refined working of some of those same ideas. Quite beautiful from start to finish.

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