Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ruppy the bioluminescent beagle(s)

I learned about something this weekend that blew my mind to an incredible degree:

bio-luminescent beagles.

Apparently a Seoul National University professor named Lee Byeong Chun led a team of scientists who genetically engineered four cloned beagles which glow in the dark and under ultraviolet light. All four of them are named Ruppy, since they're all the same, and also because they emit a ruby red glow (Ruby + Puppy = Ruppy)


So not only are they further along the road to curing genetic diseases, but now pot smokers who live in the prairie will never be bored at night. Just let their newly purchased Ruppies off their leashes, take out the binochs and watch them glow.

1 comment:

rob said...

i didn't realize it was their skin that glowed, trippy.