Wednesday, July 22, 2009

very summery

My friend Andrew showed me this new track from Atlas Sound called "Walkabout." It's such a summery tune. I've been listening to it a lot as I get stuff going for Thailand. On Sunday, by 3 in the afternoon Lindsey and I will be on a tiny tropical island named Ko Tao.

I've been collecting a few tracks and I'm planning on making a compilation of nothing but the most summery of songs. I haven't thought of a title for the mix yet, but I have thought of three words I like that all end in ry which help encompass this summer:


I'm hoping to finish two more posts before I head out to Southeast Asia on Saturday. We'll see what we see.

1 comment:

sg said...

jealous! the word verification says cowsker- we could add a y and make it "the new word of the summer"

make your summer, a "COWSKERY" summer.