Friday, July 24, 2009

The end of the earth and 7 songs from Brazil

It's the last day of "work" for this semester, before summer vacation. I was sitting at my desk, wearing shorts and sandals and eating some mango ice cream that one of my Korean co-teachers gave me while listening to some Brazilian music from the 70's. Wow, the stress of this job is really starting to kill me. I have to say that life is pretty damn good.

When I return from Thailand, I'm planning on spending a few days seeing some parts of Korea that are too far to get to on weekends. When I return to Seoul I'm probably going to jump on the bullet train down to Gwangju, and then bus it from there to the extreme south, until I reach the end of the peninsula. There's a place there called 땅끝마을 which means "The village at the end of the earth."

In any case, if this will potentially be the last post until I get back from traveling to the end of the earth, then I feel the best way I can leave it is with these 7 songs from Brazil.

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